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Something Sexy for Valentines Day? Yes Please!

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Warning. This post might be too sexy for you. R18!


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. 

As a wife and a mom, it’s that day when I get an excuse to go out on a date with my husband and take a break from taking care of the kids.

Let’s make it an excuse to be sexy too! Why not, right?

There I said it.

I want to feel sexy again!

It's not that I want to hit the gym or do yoga and instantly get a smokin’ hot body… what I meant by “sexy” isn’t plainly the physical appearance, but also the mindset of “being sexy”.

I know my husband thinks I’m beautiful and sexy; he tells me so and he’s a nice, sweet guy. So maybe I’m the one who needs convincing?

I’m a work at home mom, and sometimes on the busiest of days, I feel ugly and bloated… I don’t care if I brushed my hair or have a hole in my shirt. I know it’s important to take care of one's self too, but there’s only so much you can do with two kids and keeping a decent household. 

And so back to being sexy again…

Part of being a mom is having outdated undergarments. I look in my drawer and say, “Hey, I think I need new ones? Nah, pwede pa toh!”… even if they’re faded.

I used to love buying underwear. I wanted them comfy and chic. It made me feel confident. I read somewhere that sexy undergarments or wearing high heels boosts a woman’s confidence.

So this Valentines, I think I’ll get me some new lingerie… Not for the husband mind you, but mainly for me!

Dita got the idea spot on!


But where do I start?

Lingerie has different types and styles: babydolls, chemises, bikinis, teddies, corsets...

Wait, what?

Yes, there are various styles. So how do we know which ones best fit our body type?

The description below are from PartyGal’s Girl Guide
Photos are from their New Valentines Collection

1. Babydoll
A short negligee that runs up to your bottom. Loose and free flowing around the tummy area

Why Buy It? Babydolls are probably the most flattering lingerie. Snug around the bust area, they either show off your assets quite nicely, or make you appear fuller. It flows loosely around the stomach area, perfect for those who wish to camouflage a bit of tummy. 

2. Chemise
Longer negligees reaching until mid-thigh. These are like soft mini dresses that drape your body.

Why Buy It? If you're proud of your body shape, chemises are perfect for you. These lingerie are made of soft material that drape your body to flaunt your natural curves. Perfect for women with slim body shapes, or curvy women who want to show off their bust and/or butt.

3. Teddy
Like one-piece bathing suits with a sexy twist! 

Why Buy It? It’s Stylish and HOT. If you want to get something a little different and unique, but not quite ready to show as much skin as with a bikini, then a teddy is for you. 

4. Bikini
You know the type - you've probably worn one to the beach before: brassier-like top and undies (usually a thong)

Why Buy It? THEY'RE BIKINIS ('nuff said?) and they're the ultimate sexy lingerie!

5. Corset
A fashionable body-shaping lingerie that hugs your waist and bust. 

Why Buy It? Corsets hug your figure, giving you a very sexy silhouette.
Aside from the fact that you can wear these lingerie with a pair of jeans and walk out on the street in style, this is great for the gifted ladies who want to show off their shapeliness. 
Don’t these lingerie boost your confidence and make you want to, well, rule the world? I'd love to get my hands on a corset!

Good News! My friends at Party Gal Lingerie are generous enough to offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING to the readers of this blog!

Simply use this coupon code (VDayLingerie28) when you order: 

No minimum order required. Coupon Code is valid until February 14, 2015 only.

You can order online at their website, or contact them at 09175100745.

Facebook Fan Page: PartyGal Lingerie

This Valentine’s, let’s go out and be Sexy!
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  1. Aww! Your post just made me convinced to buy a new lingerie! Lol. Love it! ♥

  2. Wearing one of these would definitely surprise my husband. I think I prefer the babydoll and chemise, hehe!

  3. I remember the time I first wore linergie for my ex boyfriend-now-husband... Hmmm.... Yep, I should definitely update the secret wardrobe for Feb 14 :D

  4. A corset is something classic but ultra sexy. This is a nice article and no matter what you wear it's the confidence that will matter. -Macy

  5. I can totally relate about being "okay" with my undergarments even though they're already faded. LOL! I definitely need to update my sexy clothes. :D

  6. I don't have lingerie. Most of the time I don't really prioritize undergarments because no one can see it. lol But I think I should buy decent undies. :)

  7. My hubby would love to see me wearing one of those. lol :p

  8. I don't own any of these. Maybe I should have one for "special emergencies". :p

  9. Ah, babydoll lingerie is perfect for me haha. And I didn't know there are bikini-type and corset-type lingerie pala!

  10. Too sexy :-) the last time that I wore lingerie during our honeymoon pa

  11. I cant. I just cant. haha Need to hit the gym first before trying to wear something like this again. :p

  12. I haven't bought any lingerie. hahaha! I'm actually thinking of getting one to surprise the husband :)

  13. These are very sexy lingeries! I don't think I'd fit into one, though, since I'm pregnant.

  14. I'm sure all you mommies will agree that we had a lot of sexy lingeries before we got married! hahahah

  15. I wish I could be sexy again! Argh still a challenge for me! That lingerie though wow... I hope if I ever do get thin I have the courage to wear that...