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Our little Princess is turning One... Already?

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I could never get the hang of the saying: "Time flies!". In just less than a month, our baby girl will soon be turning a year old...



Again, time flies! So quickly, that I'm afraid my children grow up too fast!

But right now I am simply happy to be here for them, spoil them with kisses and hugs, tickle them as they laugh out loud, play with them and simply have fun with them. I get to be a kid again when I am with my kids and I will cherish every moment.

Hailey was born November last year, when Janet Napoles was being held in court and when Typhoon Yolanda was about to come for our country. Yes, it was an unforgettable birth indeed.

Why name her Hailey

Well, originally the plan was to name our children an oriental/asian J name plus a biblical or religious name like our first born. But we liked the name Hailey so much that we decided not to follow the "plan". hehe. As in, we really liked that name, it just stuck to us, and had a B1-B2 moment (if you know what I mean). Her other name, Khaleesi, is from the show Game of Thrones. Yes, it's that show on HBO. We're fans, particularly Daenerys Targaryen fans :)

Now, our baby girl has been our little bundle of cheers and laughter. She always has a pretty smile ready. She has 2 teeth now but still a small lock of hair :D She knows how to clap, to give flying kisses, to bless (mano po), to close and open her cute baby hands. She can now stand but still afraid to take her first independent step. I hope she gains confidence before she turns One! Here's to high hopes :) 

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Oh and just recently, she knew how to sign for water. We've been teaching her since she was a newborn, but it's a surprise she knew "water" before "milk", "more", "please", or "mommy".. which are the usual things babies learn to sign.

But instead of using 3 fingers like the letter W, she uses all of her fingers to sign, with sounds too, she says "wawa" for water. Yup, baby signing is cool!

I also took her pre-birthday photoshoot recently, since I am a frustrated photographer, hehe. Sharing with you some of our little Princess' shots :)

Don't grow up too fast, my little one!


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