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Mother's Day Letter for my Children

By 9:08 AM ,

To my dear children,

A lot of people have been thanking their moms because it's Mother's Day! But this time around, I'd like to thank both of you...

Thank you, my loves, for "making" me a Mother. I never thought that being one would bring me unexplainable bliss and unforgettable moments. From the moment I carried you in my womb, I felt so happy knowing that I would be a Mommy. Thank you for coming into our lives. Daddy and I couldn't be happier to have our "Mini Me", one for each of us :)

I know I'm not a perfect parent, when sometimes I don't understand why you cry, when I get lost in my work and I'm not really "there", and when I shout and scold you at times. I do not really "rock" the parenthood thing. It's a learning process for me, especially knowing that I am responsible for the well-being and upbringing of other little persons. But please understand that I love you both very much. Mommy tries her best to spend much time with each of you or with both of you together. I love cooking and preparing your food and giving you baths, playing with you and reading you books, even changing your smelly diapers :) I love how you give me hugs and kisses, how you touch my face with your teeny-tiny hands, and when you say "Mommy" or "Mama", whether it's happily uttered or said out loud with a cry. I will always want to take care of you both, be your teacher, and especially your best friend.

Thank you, my babies, for letting me take care of you. I don't mind the clinginess, just as long as I get rewarded with plenty of kisses and hugs! :)

Thank you for the laughter you bring into my life...turning bad days into special ones.

Thank you for teaching me to love another person more than myself and more than anything else in world. 

You are God's most precious gift to me.

Love Always,

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