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Keeping up with a 2 year old

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My little boy is.. well... not so little anymore. I will always remember him as a little baby... but I have to face reality: I now have a two-year old! 

Now, I know what they say about the "terrible twos", and in fact I've had more than my fair share of crazy days just because my toddler decides to throw stuff, shout, and run around - even go up and down... when he decides that the white-tiled floor and the mirror is his coloring book... or when he giggles while he tears the pages of his book or my magazine! Makes me think: how can so much energy fit into this little toddler body?

As I start to write this, my little boy is behind me pointing at things, grabbing what he can whatever's in the table... and thinking out loud:

"Ayun book...Lolo papa...Duck...Bus"
"Ito mommy otion (lotion)..otey? (ok?)"
"Mommy, daddy fix yan...ulo, nose, face...diba?"
"Mommy Ique (Lique) pipon (cellphone)...tawag lolo papa, mamu Pau.. hello! dyan, gawa mommy aptop (laptop) diba?"
"Yun, Kiel podi (pogi/handsome).." pointing to his picture on this post, hahaha!

Oh yes, he is super daldal (talkative) now! He keeps on talking behind me, and I am trying to keep up, haha! 

Just recently I shared his video singing Bahay Kubo. We've been singing this to him when he was still a year old. There came a time when it was our lullaby for him to go to sleep. And then one day I was surprised that he was singing it when he was eating: "♪♫ Sitaw, Ba-daw, a-niiiii ♪♫" (sitaw, bataw, patani)..and indeed he was eating sitaw!

For quite a while now, he has weaned from his bottle and drinks milk straight from the glass. Yes, he's a big boy that way..he asks for milk by saying "Mi tasa please" (milk in a cup please). One day, when he was around 20 months old I think, I was lazy to make him milk in his bottle, so I poured fresh milk in his cup and he liked it! It's been like that ever since!

We've also started to introduce him to the potty. Sometimes he has he'll go poopoo, sometimes he doesn't...hehe... So he is not that 100% ready yet to go potty.

He quickly learns how to use things just by looking... Like opening the door, putting trying to put his socks or shorts on himself, and even using the tablet or phone...but I try to limit his use of gadgets from now on ;)

He knows how make the sign of a cross and tries his best  to recite with us when we pray the Angel of God, Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

He loves books and can identify a lot of things already...from giraffe and octopus to motorbikes and helicopters. 

Sometimes I am amazed how quickly he learns and discovers new things. I actually don't mind him being extra active...or rather unlimitedly spirited, just as long as he doesn't get too cranky and starts up a tantrum...oh boy, that's another toddler mishap I am faced with.

At this stage he can already understand what we say to him, regarding what he should and shouldn't do. Yes, our parenting skills have been tested as to how we discipline our child. Sometimes he would make a tampo face (sad face) when we give him "the talk"...reminds me of myself when I was a kid actually...hmm...

To think that he just turned 2 last January and we're going through many things already! Pretty soon, he'll be going to school already, so I'm teaching him the ABCs and 123s.. he can even count in Tagalog up to "labim-dawala" (twenty) hehe.. and he can identify his colors too.

Here I am trying to keep up with my toddler, while I also have a growing baby girl who just started to turn on her side and can even sit in a tripod position. Speaking of siblings, my 2-year old has his selos (jealousy) moments... he would try to spank and pinch his baby sister!

Ah, Motherhood at its best! haha.. but kidding aside, I love how my kids show affection, even though Kiel has his selos moments with Hailey, he loves to kiss her cheeks, hands, and feet. He shows her how his toys work and tells her about the pictures in their books. And they almost always fall asleep together, as if their brains are connected somehow :)

For now, I am enjoying while trying to survive the stage of the "super active, highly spirited, continuously discovering" twos (I don't want to call it terrible twos). 

How about you? I'd love to hear your toddler stories! Do share!

Mommy of a 2-year old,

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