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DIY Picnic Themed Baby Shower

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This is a long overdue post. I apologize for being absent from this blog for quite a while. Being busy with the baby and all. Not to mention the Christmas and New Year celebrations...


Last October, we had a simple baby shower to celebrate the blessing of having our second child. We preferred an intimate celebration with a number of family and friends.

With a small budget in mind, we opted for a picnic party, something not too fancy but still dainty enough to celebrate a little baby girl on the way!

Choosing the venue was easy... UP Diliman! My College Alma Mater is conveniently near our condo, so picking it was an immediate choice. But most importantly, the wide-open green spaces, the tall trees made it the perfect picnic place! Also, the academic oval is closed to vehicular traffic every Sunday, so lots of people go there to bike, jog, play frisbee, and have picnics! 

UP Sunken Garden (Photo Source)
To start, I made a simple invite and posted in the facebook event calendar.

Shameless plug! Please visit my portfolio site :)

I was itching to do some DIY crafts for the party so I ordered some fabric tapes and card stock from Bee Happy. What I did with them you'll find out later...

Fabric tapes for only 3 for 100php from Bee Happy
The setup was easy, we just found a shaded place upon getting there and placed 3 mats on the grass. You can buy some kiddie mats at any Toy store, waterproof and already insulated at the bottom. The food was set on a little table (thanks to my aunt for letting us borrow it!). Drinks were in the cooler and we were good to go!

DIY #1: Buntings from card stocks, a ribbon,
and printed letter stickers
These are the mats from the toy store. They can accommodate about 4-6 people.
Since we were expecting some kids to be present,  I had to make a special space for them  so they too can have fun!
For the food, I ordered from ALGO (Almost Gourmet) since I had no plans of cooking myself. The Merienda Menu included Spinach Lasagna, Ham and Potato Croquettes, and Chicken Lollipops (these we're a hit for the kids and adults!). They deliver for a minimum order of 4,000php. Orders below minimum require added charge of 10% of total bill. For DIY parties, ALGO highly recommended! They make delicious, exquisite food, you'd be proud to serve to your guests. Drinks were C2 Iced tea bottles and a couple of chocolate milk drink for the kids present - Kiel included :) As for dessert, well I just bought chocolate and cheese muffins from Shoppersville.

DIY #2: Food labels made from card stock +
printed name stickers on paper straws

I also prepared a simple program with games to break the ice. So after the eating and the chitchat, we played some charades first. My cousin hosted the games. Two groups were formed and they had to take turns guessing baby and pregnancy stuff like OB-GYN, labor, ultrasound, baby bottle, breastmilk etc! After that we played Guess Mommy's Belly Size again.. I say again because we already did that with Kiel's baby shower, and it was a whole lot of Fun! Your guests try to guess your belly size by cutting strings. The closest length to mommy's belly size wins!

Here are some more pictures to show how the baby shower went...
Special thanks to my sister and Ludwig who took pictures and the details of our little party :)

DIY #3: Pinwheels made from card stock and paper straws.
Fabric tape to line the styro cups and upcycled jar where the pinwheels were placed.
The weren't really spinning since I meant for them to be photo props and added decoration, haha.
See? they make great props! Oh and if you're wondering where I got that picnic mat, well it's actually a table cloth :) bought at Robinson's on SALE! :)
The kids :)
Our group shot. definitely gotta have em :)
Oh and I made this monogram of baby's initials...
They were on the labels and on the prizes
meant to make the guests guess baby's name :)
To add some fun to your party...
How about you? have you planned a baby shower? Or if you are planning one, I hope this post was helpful to you somehow...

Get-togethers like these don't really need to be fancy. Just think about the FUN and everything will go smoothly, alright?

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Till the next party!

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