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My Artique Portfolio

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Tada! Finally got to set up a portfolio page for my freelance design work. I used FolioHD. The free account lets you upload up to 36 photos.

I know I'll have to create my own site in the not-so-distant future, since 36 photos aren't enough for the growing sample of works (yay to that!). But for the meantime, this free account would have to do, since I really need a decent spot in cyberspace to present my work. 

FolioHD is very easy to use, but the customization of the site is very limited. But I'm not complaining much, since at other free portfolio sites the most you can upload is an average of 10-30 photos only. By far, FolioHD accommodates the most...

Please do visit the site! Comments and insights are welcome! :) 

And if you happen to know a better site than FolioHD, do let me know...hihi


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