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Honeybaby at the 3rd Babypalooza Bazaar

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The 3rd run for the Babypalooza Bazaar happened last August 17 at the Walter Hogan Center in Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City.

Honeybaby participated as one of the many merchants, selling new and pre-loved items for babies and kids. We brought most of our crochet hats, sun hats, and new items like Sailor hats and headbands and clippies from Keishables.

Just in case you missed us at the event, here are some of the highlights...

Crochet hats galore! All at 580php below :)
Our booth. YES, everything was on SALE! :)

Mamu with my little minion
a.k.a. my hat model :)
The tinderas, Mamu and Me
plus my little boy
 Presenting some of our cute customers :)

The rainy weather did not stop mommies and daddies to come and visit the booths that day.

Being an expectant mommy myself, I looked around the booths too, and bought my soon-to-be baby girl some dresses for only 100php each, as well as breastmilk storage bags from Liquid Gold Ph for only 199php :) But I could only look around for a little while since I have to be the "tindera" of my booth, haha. 
I'm a tindera-slash-customer hihi...
There's a convenient place for you and your kids too,
since the play area/BF station were just across
the booths

But there were a lot of great finds - from clothes, books and toys, to baby needs like bottles, crib linens, and other essentials (Coco's Corner, Mommy's Little Boss, Babysavers just to name some). There were also novelty items from Spunkdesigns, scrapbook/craft materials by the Bee Happy Crafts, nursing and maternity wear by Mamabella, Imported Grocery items by Little Miss Grocer and a lot more!

I also met there some of my friends from my highschool (small world!), Pearl and Franco were managing their shop, OMD Facedolls. Fellow WAHMie Mai was also there too, the mommy behind Dainty Ashley, with her handmade bows and headbands :) I forgot to take a picture with them, boo! Since everything was crazy busy... So here are some pics of their booth from Instagram :D

OMD facedolls
Dainty Ashley
Till the next bazaar!

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  1. Hi Lique! So happy to have finally met you also. Thanks for linking us up. :) ~Mai

  2. I forgot to have a photo taken with you, toinks. hehe, maybe next time, whenever the next bazaar will be :) Maybe Ashley and Kiel can play together pa :D

  3. Hi fellow WAHMie and fellow "Angelica"! It was nice to meet you at the bazaar. The crocheted hats were sooo cute! Super thanks for mentioning Mamabella. Hope to see you again soon! ;)

  4. Hi! thanks :) I'll be buying from your nursing wear maybe soon! :) Hope to see you again too