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Honeybaby: Minions and Monsters Invasion!

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If you're already a follower on Instagram, you'll know what the lastest buzz is about...

If not, well you're in for a treat :)

With the undeniable fact that Minions have indeed taken over on a global scale, they are also invading the Honeybaby Shop! Yes, that's right...the adorable, yellow breed will be available soon! And in complete sizes too (S, M ,L , XL). Yup, so that every baby and child will get the chance to be an adorable little Minion, hihi. 

Of course, the Monsters Inc. breed would also like to get with the party. Yes, Mike and Sulley of Monsters Inc. or Monsters University are also taking over the shop!

Here's a sneak peek...

Minions, as shared by our supplier :)

Mike and Sulley join in on the fun too!

But in line with keeping my intention of making every baby unique, Minions and Monsters will be of limited stocks, just like any other Honeybaby Hat.

I know there are a lot of other hats and beanies out there, mostly made of felt cloth. So why choose us? Just because we are one-of-a-kind and no other shop offers the softest crochet hats by far. That's why we continue to showcase only the most adorable, most snug hats for your child. After all, this is a mommy-run business, why trust anyone else? :)

We will also be restocking some favorites, like the Dino Long Tail and the Teddy Bear Beanie (like the one we had for the COANM giveaway)...

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  1. I do admire entrepremoms like you for 20 yrs I had been a working Mom (my eldest is 20/my youngest is 10) I am soon joining the WAHM entrepremom band wagon too...Goodluck to us and God Bless :)