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Why we love Daddy (A Father's Day Post)

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To Jejo, the one we call Daddy/Ada/Dada,

From the first moment I told you I was pregnant, your face lit up with joy. I knew you were going to be a great dad...

You had no qualms about taking care of our first born, changing his diapers, giving him baths, getting only a few hours of sleep a day. You are my ever reliable partner in this thing called "parenthood". That's one reason why it took a long while (more than a year!) before we decided to hire a yaya.

Thank you for supporting me in becoming a full time mom. I appreciate how you immediately took the responsibility on becoming the breadwinner of this family, back when we didn't expect that I would eventually become a Work-at-home-mom.

We love how you give us hugs and kisses the moment you get home. We just adore your funny laugh. Kiel loves your tickles, giddyup, and peek-a-boo playtime.

At this stage, I can tell you are Kiel's idol...The way he follows you around and imitates you. Maybe it's not enough that he already looks like you (haha)! He likes to watch daddy drive the car or do push ups and exercise. He likes to try on your shoes often when you're not around. Didn't you notice how he loves to hold your car keys and tries to wear your glasses? I just love seeing you both spend time together...simply pulls all my heartstrings :) I am happy that you are Kiel's role model.

Thank you for the pasalubongs and little surprises...

Thank you for working extra hard for us. We appreciate how you establish big dreams for the family and try to achieve them at the soonest possible time (according to your personal life chart, because that's just how much goal-oriented you are). But we'd also like for you to take a little break once in a while. We'd love to have more daddy time when you're home of course :)

We love you for many things: for being hardworking, faithful, loving, responsible, and God-fearing... We love you just because you are God's gift to us. As the saying goes: Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD. And we couldn't ask for anything more :)

I love you Hon. Just in case you still don't get it, you are one AWESOME DAD! And we're so proud to have YOU!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! 

Love, Mommy, Kiel, and Baby#2

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