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Mommy Antics: Baby Sign Language

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I first learned about baby sign language through this cute video I stumbled upon when I was pregnant. Laura Berg, founder of My Smart Hands, introduces sign language to her baby. I never really thought of signing to my baby that time. But I became more interested in the idea when Jenny Ong of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom wrote about it here. I am a fan of Jenny's blog, and the rich information about signing made me want to try it out :)

I started signing to Kiel when he was about 3 months old, with the basic Mommy, Daddy, Milk, I Love You and Bath... I downloaded the App for Android of My Smart Hands. It had the basic signs only, but their site had more signs of course. Sometimes, Teacher Suzette would teach some signs too during our Kindermusik classes. I wasn't really sure if Kiel picked up any of my signing. But eventually he did! At about 11 months he did the sign for Milk! 

Right now at 16 months, he knows how to sign Milk, More, Water, Hungry, Eat, Peek-a-boo, Where/No more (We do the same sign for that), and Book... He understands what I mean when I sign Bath, Ball, Sleep, Please, Finish, and Poop, but he doesn't do it himself yet. Not a lot of words compared to Laura's baby Fireese in the video, but at  least we know what he wants when he asks for Milk or Water, or when he is hungry. The communication gap is not that hard :) You can also improvise or make-up a sign of your own, something you and your baby can do together. He didn't pick up the sign for Mommy and Daddy, but at least at times he says "Addy" or "Ata" for Daddy, and "Han" for Mommy..I know, we're still working on that, haha (he heard daddy say hon once, and that's what he picked up, maybe because it's been easy to say). He said MAMA once, but didn't repeat that again...Maybe my son is playing with me?

He doesn't speak phrases yet, but I know he tries his best when he babbles "Aba ba lu lu...ata ta ta" or his usual oohhs and aaaahs. He points to what he wants or nods and shakes his head to mean yes or no respectively. I'm excited for him to speak already but I'm not hurrying him to do so. I learned my lesson when I forced him to walk...he eventually did on his own. We also read books every day to help enhance his vocabulary. Right now, his favorite book is The Three Little Pigs :)

We're planning to attend this Family Event on Saturday:

It's free event by Baby Signs Philippines, to be held at Fully Booked at BGC High Street on June 15 at 3:00 PM. I'd love to learn more signing with other families too! Hope we can make it there in time right after Kiel's and my checkup at St. Lukes. 

I'll let you know when we get to attend :)

Until then,

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