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Mommy Antics: Expecting baby #2!

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Baby at 7 weeks and 1 day :) Healthy with a heartbeat!
Since the last time I blogged, I talked about my experience with a toddler. And lo and behold, I am now talking about expecting baby number 2! That's right...that fast! We'll not really that fast..unlike Jessica Simpson who got pregnant again just a few months after having her first child. But who's counting? Jejo and I are both very happy and consider this a blessing. They say pregnant women are lucky charms, so why not right? This might be a good year for us.

This pregnancy, like our first one, was unplanned. Kiel is our Honeymoon baby :) From the moment we got married we knew we wanted to have kids...that's why we got married in the first place, to have a family. But having this second baby took us a little more by surprise. Before this, we talked about spacing kids after Kiel. The next one would ideally be after 3 years or more. So how did we get to having a next little one this soon? We'll let's just say we're for the natural family planning kind. Even though my OB-GYN prescribed me pills that would be safe for breastfeeding, I didn't take any. We didn't like the idea of taking pills. Jejo says it will make me fat! Haha, funny I know. But for me, it was a choice. I just didn't like popping pills very much. Not unless they're vitamins or supplements of course. Anyway, we are also big believers of God's plan. And we do believe that God gave us this little blessing at just the right time. If He thinks we are ready for another child, then why should be be afraid? Besides, Kiel will be almost 2 years old by the time baby #2 arrives. And we think the spacing is just right :) Jejo would also say our kids are "early investments"...that maybe we can retire by the age of 40! haha.

Kidding aside, we are both very excited like the first time we we're expecting. Kiel, the big boy that he is, has also stopped breastfeeding/comfort feeding from me. I told him he's going to be a kuya (big brother) and that mommy's milk will be for baby. Amazingly, he seems to understand. When we ask, where's the baby? he'd try to lift my top and touch my tummy, or kiss it or wave hello to my tummy. So darn cute! :) We're all wishing for a little girl this time *fingers crossed*. 

They say every pregnancy is different. Right now, I'm showing pregnancy symptoms earlier than the first time. The morning sickness is worse this time...oohh I feel dizzy and nauseated for the entire day! I easily get exhausted and I get all emotional for no apparent reason. I want to eat something every 15 minutes! And again, like with Kiel, I hate the smell of sinaing (rice cooking). Ah, the dreadful first trimester all over again! But I won't complain much. I love the extra hubby attention anyway :) Jejo makes me my glass of milk every night. He makes sure I eat well. We have fruits and vegetables, and fish, and healthy snacks like oatmeal cookies stocked. And I don't have to do heavy lifting! Good thing Kiel loves to walk now so we don't have to carry him. 

Just now, I read 20 reasons to be glad you're having another baby, from BabyCenter. These are my favorite reasons:

  • Knowing that your labour is probably going to be shorter, and possibly easier, this time around. 
  • Seeing the look of amazement on your older child's face when they meet their new brother or sister for the very first time. 
  • Feeling so much more confident with your newborn than you did the first time around. 
  • Watching your children start to play together as they both get older. 
  • Having all that fun with picking out another baby name. 
  • Being better informed about labour and birth, having experienced it already.  
  • Giving your first child a friend for life...
How fast time flies. Next thing you know, I'll be planning a baptism and birthdays all over again. We'll be celebrating our second Wedding anniversary pretty soon, and I think this baby is a wonderful gift! 

Right now, I don't want to over think about the preparations yet to come...I just want to relax and be a healthy vessel for my little one.

Love, the Preggy Mommy,

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