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Honeybaby: Multiply Origination Awards

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I actually forgot to share this news with you. Maybe perhaps of all the excitement or because I was busy doing something else that I spaced out and nearly forgot to blog about the Multiply Origination Awards.

When Multiply called out for nominees late last year, I simply shared through my page's wall: 

"If you think our Honeybaby hats are one-of-a-kind, then please nominate us for Multiply's origination awards! :) for the category Most Original Mommy Management Idea."

Of course, yours truly tried nominating some hats too. But it never occurred to me that I'd make it..somehow I wished that I did, that's why I tried :)

But God is so good that I received a happy email after a month or so, saying that our Hoot Hats has been shortlisted as one of the TOP 10 FINALISTS for the Most Original Mommy Management Idea.

The judging criteria briefly comprises of the following: 
Product Concepts and Innovativeness: 40%                                                                         
Perceived Value: 15%
Marketability: 15%

The last 30% of the total scores are based on the online voting from December 1-20, 2012. Being the excited mompreneur, I shared the news to family, friends, and our facebook fans, hoping to get at least the 30% from the online voting.

After the voting period, well, that's that. No expectations whatsoever. I just waited...

...and then one day, I got a call from Loida, the Multiply Merchant Relations Specialist whom handled my trust badge application. She congratulated me, and I said: "For what?". She said I won special prize in the Origination Awards! I had a silent moment, I didn't know how to react at first. But all I know is that God is so kind and His blessings come in happy surprises! :)

We won the People's choice award! Meaning we garnered a lot of votes during the online voting period
Thank you! :)
I have lots of plans for the business this year. I pray that I get to achieve them! :) Yay!

For more details (mechanics, categories etc.) about the Multiply Origination Awards, please refer to their site:


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