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Foodie Antics: Filippo Berio

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My husband is pretty health conscious (most of the time, haha, peace hon!), and he asks me to prepare him salads, sandwiches and wraps and other healthy meal options. I am always up for a food challenge! But sometimes I need a little inspiration too. And so I'm glad I discovered Filippo Berio spreads at Rustan's Grocery. 

Originally a brand of Olive Oils, Filippo Berio originated in Italy in the 1850s. 
" Filippo Berio is a brand of olive oils exported from Italy and made of oil from Italy, Greece, Spain, and Tunisia.The brand is used for virgin, extra-virgin, and extra-light oils, and also for wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, pesto and olives." (Wikipedia)
A Filippo Berio 190g bottle of Pesto just costs at around 132php. And it just so happens that South supermarket in Lipa also has them for only 120php! So right now we have the Classic Pesto, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, and Tomato and Ricotta Pesto. I have yet to get hold of the Hot Chilli Pesto.

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A small teaspoon goes a long way, that's how flavourful it is! Put classic pesto on toasted breads with a thin slice of tomato and sprinkle some parmesan cheese...mmm, so yummy! Add it in some plain yogurt and sour cream and use it as a dip for nachos or chips or a sauce for your salads. Spread it in tortilla as base for wraps or homemade pizza. Or use it as pasta sauce. 

I've also stumbled upon some Recipe sites for these wonderful concoctions:

You can even download recipe booklets in pdf format here.

And I'm excited to try some new recipes soon! :)

Until then,

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