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Family Antics: Our Weekly Celebrations

By 8:05 AM

Oh January flew by so fast, and pretty soon February will be too!

Starting January 28th, we've been celebrating birthdays and other special occasions weekly! It's been quite fun actually, to anticipate celebrations one after the other.

January 28 - is my sister's birthday. Although she was Lipa so we didn't get to celebrate her special day with her and the rest of the family, Papa promised to treat us dinner on January 31st...

January 29 - is Kiel's first birthday! Until now I still can't believe that I officially have a's true what they say, that babies grow up so fast. I can still remember when I was pregnant with Kiel, and he would keep me awake at night with his constant kicking. But enough of me reminiscing *sigh*. Now that he's a year old, it seems like time is flying by faster. He's gradually learning to walk on his own, he still lacks confidence, but he's getting there! He's gradually weaning too, he holds his bottle by himself. He can now climb down the bed, pick up/choose his toys, crawl wherever he wants to, nods to sign yes and shakes his head to mean no...and many other things. Oh and I'm just so happy to be here for him. One of the perks of being a stay-at-home-mom is that you get to witness the little milestones of your child.

To celebrate his first birthday, I made simple party decorations over our wall mirror, with paper pompoms and banderitas, and I put Kiel's name in the center. Yaya Tina made pancit bihon, and we bought barbeque, chicken, and cake. We had some relatives over, my tita and cousins, and of course Ninang Cess and Mamu came too.

January 31 - Papa had to attend a seminar in Cebu over the weekend, so he wasn't able to attend Kiel's birthday party. So before he could fly to Cebu on Friday, he insisted on celebrating over dinner on Thursday and he slept over at our place with Mama :) We had dinner at Conti's at Blueridge, Katipunan. That dinner was meant as a "triple celebration" for my sister's, Kiel's belated birthday celebration, and an advanced one for me.

February 2 - Kiel's birthday party! A pretty busy day!

February 4 - My birthday. I can't believe I'm already 25! And I am always thankful to God for all the blessings He has given me. I am surrounded by wonderful family and friends and opportunities come just in time :)

We had a simple celebration at home. I specifically requested that we don't eat out because I still had a hangover after Kiel's party and I wanted some quiet time at home, well-spent with my family :) I made Baked Macaroni for the first time, and it was a hit! yay! And I requested for pizza, so hubby ordered Shakey's take out. My sister bought two cute-sized, red velvet cakes and "singing" happy birthday candles.

February 11 - Yaya Tina's birthday :) Tina has been with us for just 2 months and it feels like a long time now. That's because she's already like family to us. She's very good with Kiel and doing household chores. Thank God for her. And so, we saw to it that we get to celebrate her birthday! I baked cake for the first time - chocolate cake with buttercream icing. It was fun but I still need some more lots of practice, haha. Pardon the chocolate ganache lettering, I was excited to put it when it was still runny :D Tina made Palabok.

February 14 - Valentine's Day. It's been a while since we had a "real date", if you know what I mean. Since we had no yaya before, chance of dates were close to none. So we ate out this time. Jejo reserved seats for us at a quaint restaurant in Maginhawa called the BlackSoup. We had nachos, lamb steak, and aligue pasta. We both loved their guyabano ice cream that we had for dessert!

Oh and since I wanted to surprise him with a gift, I contacted Ms. Cello of Cello's Donuts, if they can deliver I LOVE YOU donut letters. And I'm glad she accepted my request :)

February 17 - Jejo's birthday. I am happy to have married a wise yet simple man. He is only 26 but he thinks and goes through life like he had already experienced a lot. I admire him for having BIG DREAMS and a lot of spunk and perseverance just to achieve them. My wish for him is that may he fulfill those dreams and may he have the positivity and satisfaction in life. 

We spent it at Lipa with relatives, a simple yet happy occasion. Jejo requested that I prepare spaghetti and lumpiang shanghai. 

Whew! It's been a wonderful month of celebrations. All simple but fondly spent with family and friends.


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