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Family Antics: Spending the Holidays with Family

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Whew! I haven't been on my blog space for quite some time. I took the extra time to be with my family for the Holidays, as I said I would in my previous post.

Unlike the past years, this Holiday season has been my busiest so far. We've been visiting ninongs and ninangs (godparents), relatives, and friends here in Manila, in Batangas, and in Pampanga... Talk about travelling South to North and vice versa! Now you know the reason behind my short blog hiatus. 

Here's what briefly happened over the Holidays and how we spent it with family and friends..

December 24, 2012
This year, Christmas Eve was spent with my Family in Lipa. We attended the Christmas Eve mass at our alma mater, De La Salle Lipa. And I'm happy to have seen old friends there too. At home, we anxiously waited for midnight to open our presents, a family tradition we've had ever since I can remember. We prayed the rosary and thanked God for His blessings. Had a family picture taking (too bad Kiel was fast asleep at that time, he's an early sleeper, haha) while waiting too.

Christmas Eve Mass at DLSL with old friends and family :)
Picture taking at home...Kiel is now fast asleep -_- zzz

December 25, 2012
Christmas Day was the busiest day I've experienced by far...the usual 15-minute trip from our house to Sabang (Jejo's relatives' house), took nearly 45 minutes to an hour! And it was only 10 in the morning! When we got there, there was well wishes all round, then we had lunch and picture taking. Kiel was unexpectedly fussier than ever! He was very grumpy and would only want mommy to carry him. We just told everybody that his teething caused the grumpiness...but actually, he wasn't used to the noise and chock-full of people trying to carry him away from mommy. I guess he felt mobbed (haha)! Poor baby... After lunch, we had to rush to Quezon City for the Flores Clan (Mama's relatives) Party, since we had an exchange gift to participate in. We were late but it was alright. I was happy to see family and my cousins and my little nephews and niece. Kiel, well, was still fussy for the same reason. I just held my little boy the whole time...his eyes were already swollen from all the drama of Christmas Day! :D By 5 o'clock we headed off to Pampanga to visit Papa's relatives. Kiel has finally calmed down by then... that's the time I was sure that the reason for his fussiness was the crowd, because he was his normal self in the car the whole time on our way to the North.
Daddy and Kiel at the Castro House
at the Dimayuga House
With the Flores Clan
With the Dimayuga Clan

December 26, 2012
Post Christmas day, we had a scheduled family picture taking at The Picture Company Podium :D Prior to that, Jejo and I had our driver's licences renewed and had the car registered for 2013. We took advantage of the few people over at LTO that day.
Family Picture taken at The Picture Company
December 27, 2012
The next day, we had a scheduled passport renewal and application at the DFA in SM Megamall. Good thing we decided to get Kiel a passport before he turned more than a year old, because there is a priority lane for minor/infants, 12months and below!

December 29, 2012
Kiel's 11th month "birthday"...oh time flies so fast, he's going to be a toddler real soon! We went home to Lipa again and celebrated with my family.

December 30, 2012
Reunion with highschool barkada :D
With Yosef, Ninang Jomie, Katriz, and Rex
December 31, 2012
New Year's Eve...We spent the day over at the Dimayuga household with Inay and Kiel's lolos (Jejo's uncles) so happy to see their apo.
I cooked spaghetti for Media Noche and again, Kiel fell asleep early and missed welcoming the New Year! The fireworks and loud noise all around didn't disturb him from his deep sleep, haha.
With Inay and Lolo/Tito Nick 
January 1, 2013
Ah the NEW YEAR has's a bittersweet moment as I bid goodbye to the past year and reminisce all the memories, good and bad, it has brought me; and now I welcome 2013 with full of hope and optimism! 

I will never forget 2012, because it was the year we had Kiel. It was also the year that I decided to become a fulltime mom and housewife - a big risk leap in my career. But thank God (oh thank GOD ever so much!) that every thing turned out to be alright...I got to breastfeed Kiel fulltime, I established my online shop (and it has been a success so far) and I got hired as a VA as a bonus! God is so great! I never thought I could take care of, as well as provide for, my family all together. The past year has been my year of FULL INDEPENDENCE! And I feel so good inside..

This year is a year of NEW BEGINNINGS..

In a few days, my baby will be celebrating his first birthday! To help me take care of him, we've finally gotten a yaya. Yes dear friends, the "independent" mommy has a helper now...but more on that on a later post, ok?

I'm looking forward to a NEW YEAR of more family bondings, more business opportunities, more time for Kiel - be his first a NEW YEAR of good health, travel and leisure, investments, new dreams and new goals!


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