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Wifey Antics: The supportive partner

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Just last Friday, my husband surprised me with something I never thought he'd get me...a Macbook air!

Now, my husband can be quite the sly character. He has been asking me some questions a few days before that particular day,
"How're you doing with your work? Is your laptop still good?"
"Would you prefer a desktop or a laptop?" 
"What do you think of a macbook?"
Don't get me wrong, I'm not as dense as you think (or am I? haha)...I'm used to him asking me all sorts of questions, mind you. He would ask me what type of car would I like or where would I like to go abroad, among others, and I didn't get a car nor plane tickets! (hmph). Kidding aside, I knew he wanted to purchase a Macbook (even an iPad) way before this happened, but what I didn't expect that he would give it to me! I was fine with my Lenovo notebook, I was used to it anyway, even though it started getting to be slow running, I hung on to it! I was never the splurge type of gal anyway. If it can still be used, why not? But my husband is my opposite, he'd always want to get a good (even best) brand/type when it comes to things or services, even if it includes a hefty tag price.

And so there it was, the gray paper bag on the floor..."Open it," he said...He seemed more excited than me! Why? I was speechless of course! Besides, the tears were a bit harder to contain, I didn't want him to tease me of being a cry-baby..."Why," I asked, "Why did you buy me this? How did you pay for this? credit card again?" I know, I sound like a kill-joy, but he only said this: "To help you with your work."

I was touched.

One of the things I love most about my husband is that he's very supportive of what I do. I wouldn't be a fulltime mom if he didn't convince me. I wouldn't even be blogging if not for him, it was his idea after all! 

My husband has been supportive of me ever since. Why, during our college days, I remember that he bought me my laptop so doing my thesis would be easy. He even bought me Kurecolor for me to use for my design plates. He isn't a rich guy, he's just very frugal and wise..and oh so thoughtful!

In return, I support him with his work as well, by asking him about his projects and his workmates. In my simple little way, I prepare him his baon and his gym bag. As a wife, I make sure to stand by him in decisions while guiding him at the same time. I may not get to buy him fancy things, but I make sure he's taken care of. 

I also grew up to parents who are very supportive of one another. Mama chooses what papa will wear to work, and she'd arrange his bag for him, and makes sure the soup is hot every mealtime (because that's the way he like it). Papa would be mama's "driver" to where ever she needed to go. He'd also do the laundry when mama's already tired from doing other chores.

As my mom used to say, the husband is the original panganay (first born)! I guess she's right!
And so, it turns out, the Macbook really helps me out with my work. Working as a VA and Designer requires me to use various applications like Photoshop and Video editor aside from the basic Excel and Word. I was okay with my Lenovo notebook, but using this new laptop makes me more efficient, considering I have an online shop that I need to manage daily too! Plus ghost writing on the side makes it more fun with the Macbook's soft keys! See, even baby thinks it's cool too!

How about you, how does your partner show his support? And how do you show your support in return?

Feel free to leave comments below :)

Good day!


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