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Artsy Antics: My Home Organization Hype

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Ever since I got married, my cleaning and organizing habits have levelled up! Just because my mom isn't around anymore to clean up after my mess (hehe).
Besides, I have to clean up my husband's, and now, our baby's mess too!

One of the things I learned from my mom is the importance of keeping your home as neat as possible. It may not be squeaky clean 24/7, but just having a refreshing sense of organization to a space is more than enough (if you know what I mean).
Keeping the house uncluttered can be a tough job, but it's worth it! Why? For the following simple reasons:

Having a child at home, it's important to make sure that you have an uncluttered space. My baby is just 7 months old and is already a crawler. I know that by the time he learns to walk, he would need more space around our little condo to "explore". Our condo isn't baby-proofed, but I make sure sharp objects are out of baby's reach and that the floorspace is clear and clean so he wont slip and tumble.

Doesn't clutter make your blood pressure go up? Or just being clueless as to where to find things around the house? The less chaotic your home is, the more you'll be able to relax and feel good about your space and yourself. Take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back for a clean home.

I must admit, having an online shop while working at home plus taking care of the baby doesn't give me the liberty to clean house everyday. But when you've organized your space according to your needs and liking, productivity is maximized. When you know where your stuff is, it's a breeze going around the house and find the things you need. Just remember to put them back in its proper place.

Cleaning up is no easy task, but just think about the exercise you get from it. Makes you healthier too!

Anyway, here's the story...

Just this weekend, I suddenly asked my husband if we can buy some organizers, and gave a pitch about my organizing hype. We've been planning on getting a few home improvements for our unit because the house is getting cluttered with all the additional [baby] stuff, but decided on putting the idea aside after baby's birthday by January. And so I thought about some thrifty home organization ideas instead! So here's what I did:

We were planning to have a swinging cabinet door
 installed here to maximize Kiel's cabinet space.
I decided to invest on these Lock&Lock Kid Storage boxes.
The Blue one on top used to be my container for Honeybaby hats.

When the time comes we'll be needing more space, those boxes
can be easily converted into drawers! (Photo from Lock&Lock catalogue)

I bought the letter holder and remote caddy (below)
from a stall in Eastwood mall.
 There were a lot of stalls with organizers and such,
but you HAVE TO ask them all. I got both of these
for a good price of 400php only while others
sell them at 250-350 each!
Good bargain! :)

But of course, you don't have to splurge on organizers. Just have in mind what you'd like to keep uncluttered and canvass different stores and items when getting them.

Kiel's old makeshift cabinet drawers became my container for
Honeybaby merchandise and files :)

This isn't new, I just wanted to share the
Lock&Lock Stackable system case (left), and
how it divides the drawer neatly.
This is our kitchen drawer. I turned used ice cream tubs
and a plastic container for dividing it. Neat! 

I still have a lot of things planned for our little home. Especially since our baby is growing up! Pretty soon I'll be running around taking care of a toddler! :)
Till the next home organizing hype!


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