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Artsy Antics: Planning a 1st Birthday Party (Venue & Host)

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When our baby turned 6 months old last June, it hit us ... he's half a year old already! Pretty soon he'll be celebrating his first birthday! We're excited parents, and if you've read my previous Artsy Antics post, we're avid party planners too. We suddenly started brainstorming on what theme his party would be, and we had a lot of ideas. In the end, we debated on having a Disney Pixar Up themed party (my choice) or a Neverland/Pirate themed one (my husband's idea). Both are very nice concepts and we kept convincing each other to get to pick our own suggestions. But, I eventually convinced my husband that the UP party would befit a first birthday party than a pirate one, and told him we can use the Neverland concept for his 7th birthday party instead ... and so he gave in to my idea after all.

With a concept in mind and around 6 months to go, we made a check list of the party essentials:

  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Decorations
  • Host
  • Cake/cupcakes etc.
  • Invitations/Tarp
  • Sound system/Projector
  • Photographer
  • Giveaways/Prizes
We want to do the party planning mostly DIY, but still asked for the rates/packages of party planners and suppliers so we could compare them and get settled on a practical budget thereafter.

Our first agenda on the list was to get a really good venue. We thought that if we had a nice enough place to hold the party in, there would be no need for too much decorations. Also, we wanted a place that was accessible and with ample parking for our guests. 

And so we looked into the usual suspects for party venues: Valle Verde 6 clubhouse, Valle Verde 4 clubhouse, Acropolis clubhouse, Corinthian Gardens clubhouse and Greenmeadows clubhouse. The Acropolis and VV4 clubhouses were the only ones that didn't require sponsorship. We were eyeing the VV6 clubhouse since it had a large space and enclosing glass windows with a view plus it was reasonably priced too. Jejo had a friend there, so sponsorship was not a problem. Unfortunately the date we wanted was booked already. In fact, the nearest available date was for March already! So if you want to get the VV6 clubhouse, it's important to reserve as early as you can! We didn't know anyone from Greenmeadows and Corinthian Gardens, so our next pick was Acropolis and VV4. But upon checking for other party suppliers and whatnots over the net, I stumbled upon the Ayala Hillside Estates clubhouse from Ging Lorenzo's blog.
Photo by Ging Lorenzo

I was captivated, and excited too because the subdivision is near from our place, which is also along Capitol Hills Drive. I told my husband and we checked it out over the weekend, right after Kiel's Kindermusik class at Greenstreet, it was along the way after all. But when we got there, the security said we needed a sponsor to avail the venue. I was sad for a brief moment. But Jejo said he might know someone from there, an old gym mate (good thing he goes to the gym! haha). And lo and behold, his friend did reside there and was very willing to sponsor us! It was really meant for us, because our preferred date was still available! We just paid the security bond for the Ayala Hillside Estates Social Hall this weekend and had it reserved for February. One thing I really like about Ayala developments is that they really value the landscape. Their malls and business districts and subdivisions really have ample, well planned green spaces, which I think what most developments should follow. 

Anyway, their clubhouse was situated at the end of their main spine road, which is easily accessible. It had a high ceiling and enclosing glass windows like the VV6 clubhouse, and had a pool and garden for a view and it had ample parking too! Everything we wanted in a good venue.

Next on our list was getting an excellent party host. Of course, we wanted to entertain the guests, especially the kids, so we wanted someone who can entertain both. Since Disney Up was the theme of our party, I was hooked into getting the services of Jiggles the Balloon Lady, who I knew from the Manila Mommy blog. 

Photos from Manilamommy
She's a talented balloon artist, which does hosting too, that I've read a lot of good feedback from mommy forums and other blogs. Apparently, she's a hit! And very kind too, since I've been emailing and texting her from time to time. When we got the venue booked, I texted her immediately to have her booked as well. Thankfully, she was available on our preferred date. I'll get to tell more about her when we get to see her do balloon art and hosting live for our son's party next year.

And so everything is going smoothly as of now. 

Im excited to share more about my party planning and how it goes on the day itself! Until then...

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  1. Goodluck mommy lique! I know you'll do great on planning for Kiel's party :) yey!!

  2. Yeah I was also searching for the event venues to celebrate my birthday party and want to enjoy it with all good arrangements.

    event venues

  3. how many people can the venue accommodate? thank you.

  4. Hi Kit, I think the ideal capacity is around 150pax. Our party only had 130 guests, excluding the kiddie tables and chairs and may space pa :)

  5. Thank you! :)

  6. Hi! How much is the rental and bond? Thanks!

  7. Hi Sherry, please see my other post about Kiel's birthday suppliers :)

  8. Hi.. good day! I am getting a little bit desperate to get a venue for my wedding. I am hoping and praying that you can help us get a sponsorship for VV6. Please, please, please.. Super thanks in advance!