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[GIVEAWAY] Little Human & Co. Reversible Play Cape & Mask + Handmade Playdough

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Being a full time mom to two playful toddlers, I get to witness them play all day, every day! Most of the time, I am even involved in their play, and I enjoy and cherish my time with them.

I believe that parents can cultivate their child's love of learning simply through play. Learning through play is actually the basis of the progressive style of education that is more prominent in preschools nowadays. Why? Simply because children enjoy learning during play.

In our Preschool Homeschool, we purposely incorporate learning through play all the time. Whether we're doing arts and crafts or playing pretend, the most important part is that we have FUN!

I always try and discover fun ways to learn through play, whether if it means I have to DIY some sensory bins or crafts, invest in open-ended toys, or lookout for new educational toys and materials in the market.

When my son showed interest in being a superhero because of his Look It's About Me book, I tried and made him a cape and mask out of some cloth and felt I had in my craft stash. 

I'm glad he loved it, but I wanted to get him something better (my sewing skills are not so good, hehe)...

So I found out about Little Human & Co.

Their tagline: HOORAY TO PLAY! Just imagine how happy I was to find out about them...

They have reversible capes and masks! They also have felt crowns, handmade playdough, and Hape wooden toys.

Little Human & Co. is the brainchild of Oliver and Kate, dada and mama to an energetic and hilarious toddler. As parents, they are greatly committed to raise a free spirited and a happy little human the best way they possibly can. 

It all began with a simple parent's task: their little human needed a cape, they made one! All their products are designed based on their son's needs.

Little Human & Co. encourages playful parenting and promotes #nurtureimaginationthroughplay and #learningthroughplay

Oliver and Kate believe that our little humans are not “just playing”, this is how they learn. A bare stick can be a lot of things, all we need is imagination!

My kids love their reversible cape and mask, and their handmade playdough.

My son still is into being a superhero, so I let him run around with his cape and mask. My little girl would use the blue side if she's pretending to be Elsa from Frozen :)

See? He just loves to run around with it.

And the best part is, the cape and mask are reversible! You can do up to four combinations of cape and mask outfits :) And we love it because they are well made and made of soft fabric. 

They are available in different colors too, and comes in toddler and kid sizes. And the felt mask is just darn cute!

Our set is color blue and red.

The handmade playdough comes in a tag-along tub, and it includes 7 colors and googly eyes!

We love the bright colors, and the fact that they are non-toxic and safe for babies because they are handmade with edible materials like flour and food coloring :)

Although, like regular playdough, it does dry up after some time of use. But just add a tiny bit of water and squish and knead it again and it's all better...

We love using it for our sensory play lessons. Here are just some of the projects we did with our handmade playdough...

With some googly eyes and pipe cleaners, we made little bugs...

We also tried making animals...

And aliens and monsters, and funny faces!


Little Human & Co. is happy to giveaway one (1) set of Reversible Play Cape & Mask + Handmade Playdough to one lucky little human!

The contest is open to any Philippine resident, nationwide. Little Human & Co. will be shipping the prize free of charge.

The contest will run from JULY 3 (12am) up to JULY 31 (12am). 

Announcement of winner will be on JULY 31 (afternoon).

Simply follow the mechanics on the RAFFLECOPTER below to enter and qualify.

Don't forget to LIKE Lique's Antics and Little Human & Co. on Facebook!

For bonus entries, share on IG or FB this PROMO PHOTO below.
Share or repost the Little Human & Co. promo photo tagging @littlehumanco and @honeybabyonline with hashtags #littlehumanco #hooraytoplay #LALHGiveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more details
Like on Facebook: Little Human & Co.
Follow on Instagram: @littlehuman_co
Pre-order: 09771817353


Hooray to Play!
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  1. My Little Kulit will definitely love this one, since I am a working mom every weekend I really make it sure that I will play with him, we need to explore some things new that he can learn

  2. Oh my gosh - I love this one! My 2yo girl hasn't gone in the superhero phase though but I think she will love this!

    We love playing with our daughter but we mostly try to let her entertain herself. We love it when she tells us what she's doing, she lets her imagination go wild.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Super heroes are my kids' thing! Joined the giveaway :)

  5. wow old school toys! i'm happy to find these kinds of products because i'm already fed up with the modern toys that we have nowadays.

  6. I visited their site and kept tabs on everything I want to buy for my son! We're very informally homeschooling now and instead of expensive programs, we just use the toys and books that we already have. It keeps the stress and pressure away and, interestingly, my son retains the lessons more effectively when learned through playing!

  7. I've seen this post before and I really want to join but my son is only a newborn. sayang! If he were a toddler, I would definitely join! I think this idea is just superb! When my brother was also little, he loved to play superhero dress up so I think when my son is older, I would let him do the same role play. :) Thanks also for posting about Little Human & Co. Now I have an idea where to purchase sa future. God bless!

  8. Super cute! Shared your post with my friends :)

  9. Learning through playing plays an important thing to our kid's imagination. In our home, what we usually do was hide-and-seek. Mas masaya talaga iyong playtime with kids coz it helps the kids in their social & brain development. I hope I win this. My kids love to play superheroes. :)

  10. I am a firm believer of real play. Iba kasi nagagawa sa bata compared sa gadgets and all. :) Goodluck sa mga sasali!

  11. I loooove the cape and the mask!! super cute!

  12. My daughter loves cape! I will definitely join I am just currently using my mobile.


  13. I love incorporating learning through play since it makes learning fun. I guess every time we play, I make sure I share some valuable things to my kids, no matter how big or small the information is.

  14. What a cute giveaway! My daughter is into clay these days...

  15. Just like "experience is the best teacher", learning through play is I think the best technique for the child to learn. Play lets the kid's imagination works :)

  16. I always believe that kids learn best when they're happy,and playing makes them happy. They can be who they want to be at play,no limits to their imagination that's why playing plays an important role in our homeschooling.

  17. Role playing is important in childhood growth and process because it enhances their imagination and spur them to creativity. We love having our children wear whatever costume they put together and we give them that freedom even if we're taking that mini spider man to the supermarket with us, haha. :)

  18. It is important for children to have time for play because it is through play that the child is able to imagine, create, think, make decisions and apply what he learns or observes. I allow my child to have free play everyday, and when I play with him, I get a glimpse of how he thinks and perceive things around him. Most of the time, it amazes me how observant he is of everything that happens around him.

  19. My son is a tactile learner so learning through play is definitely his style... especially if he's playing the role of a superhero!

  20. By letting children play on their own with minimal interference, theg discover a lot of interests.

  21. This product hit a bulls eye. All kids love to make pretend they are super heroes, my boys are no exception. I use to do makeshift cape out of bed sheets and towels for them. Sometimes the simplest of toys are the ones that kindle imagination the most.

  22. Oh cute!!! Those structures you made with playdoh are really good ha... I am a big believer of play, too. I hope this is something our children won't lose the love for.

  23. Every child is unique and each learns at his or her own pace. Children learn through play and that is a fact that I have learned based on my own experience and other moms shared experiences. Teaching my child to learn academics and other recreation through play base made it easy. With this I have discovered what kind of learners are my children. My son is visual learner because pictures and visual aids stimulates him and made it easier for him to memorize, while my daughter is a combination of the audio and visual. Her dominant style is audio and she is a fast learner. Given that she is not hard to handle but she easily get bored when she already know the lesson. So through playing, singing, dancing and even get messy sometimes makes it more fun. She learns not just on what has been expected to achieve but she learns alot through play based experience. I want my children to be happy and fulfilled.

  24. We received a reversible cape and mask also from a birthday party and I thought it was really cool. My kids thought so too. Good luck to the joiners! :)

  25. I joined the giveaway - hope to win!

  26. I'm a stay-at-home mom to my 2 year old daughter, Rianne. Even when i was still pregnant, i have already committed myself into incorporating real play with my child. I understand that they learn best through play because they are enjoying what they're doing hence the retention of the concept, logic and learning is more lasting than mere teaching through talking. I have invested in good educational toys and is constantly in search of new ideas but most of the time i just let my creativity spark the fun!

  27. This is so nice! Reversible - you realy are sure to get your money's worth! I love their tag line too! Definitely connotes Fun and enjoyment! :)

  28. I believe that at my son's age (he's turning 2 soon), the best way to learn is through play. We incorporate it by reading books, playing together, singing and dancing to his songs. Because truly at his age, his work is to play.

  29. Just joined. Fingers crossed! :)

  30. Play is the work of a child. So i just follow my child's lead. Whatever he is playing i just talk to him. For example when he is playing with his duplo, i tell him th colors of the blocks.

  31. wow! the capes and matching masks look fantastic! Thanks for giving me this idea for my son's upcoming superhero birthday party!