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A Pirate Themed 3rd Birthday Party (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) + FREE Printables

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And just like that, Kiel is now 3!

This time, we wanted to host a small party with a few family and friends. We were sure that it would be a swimming party at our place.

Now for the party theme, it was either Dinosaurs or Pirates for the little boy, since that was what he was so in to recently. So we went with the Pirate Theme, since it was a more ideal match for the swimming activity.

I simply made an e-vite for the guests and set up a Facebook Event.

Pirate Invite (E-vite)

I kept things DIY as much as possible. I loved the idea of throwing a homemade party and crafting too. And Kiel also loved helping out with the party stuff. It made the party planning more fun!

We put the cake on top of our DIY Treasure Chest made of an old box and we covered it with black and brown cartolina and gold foil edges.

The Banners and Table Centerpieces are all DIY! :)

I made paper boats and Talk and Look Like a Pirate Cards, then spread out some DIY spyglasses and treasure maps, Pirate Tattoos and Props, and lots of gold coins (gotta have the gold coins). With the help of Kiel, we drew on some Manila Paper to make the Map table runner for all the Pirate whatnots.

Here are the Party Details in Pictures.

Banners made of Cartolina and Cardstock on Baker's Twine.
Letters are hand painted with poster paint

Paper Pirate Ships made of Brown Cartolina, Bbq Stick, and Black Cartolina, Cardstock flag

Table Runner is just plain old Manila Paper :)

Designed these Talk and Look like a Pirate Cards for a more Pirate-y feel

Party Trays from 8Spoons

Put Pirate Props like hats and beards and Gold Coins too

Just one of Kiel's cute drawings on the table runner-slash-Manila paper

Pirate Cake (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) by Mommy Smiley, which I met in Kindermusik, her daughter and Kiel used to be classmates :)

Make a wish my lil buckaneer! We placed the cake on top of a DIY treasure chest from an used box, covered in cartolina and gold foil.

Found this by chance at the grocery! They're yummy too :)

Our neighbors swimming! 

Pirate Tattoos! Yo-ho-ho!

Props for ye Mateys!


Happy Birthday my little boy!

Planning your own party too? Check these suppliers out:
  • Party Trays/Food - 8Spoons
  • Cake - Smiley Bernardo (Email her at
  • Paper Plates, Party Hats, Paper Straws, and Napkins - Celebrations at Party Central
  • Paper Cups, Cardstocks (Black with White Stripes), Baker's Twine, Loot Bags - Bee Happy
  • Gold Coins, Chocolates, and Pirate Cookies - Shopwise
  • Black/Red/Brown cartolina, Gold Foil, Poster Paint, Manila Paper - National Bookstore :)

Planning a Pirate Party?

Also, here are a some other resources for Free Pirate Party Graphics and Printables:

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  1. Happy birthday, Kiel! :) You are now a certified threenager! :)

  2. I really love your party antics, Lique! I wish I already have kids so I can also plan kiddie parties hehehe. The last event I organized was our wedding and that was 10 months ago... Happy 3rd Birthday to your little boy! :)

  3. I just love this! Thanks for the post, I'll be doing a pirate themed party for my kids this May! :D

  4. I admire moms like you who are so good at DIY. You did a great job!

  5. I like reading about DIY birthday parties. I hope I can be creative as you are ; )


  6. DIYs parties are such labor of love! Wonderful party mommy. Happy Birthday to your son.